The Dark Blade Part 3

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The thrilling conclusion of the Dark Blade, as Teh’ran makes planetfall the battle between Daniel and Karas comes to a head, don’t miss a minute of this epic finale.

the Dark Blade Part 3


Designing Teh Ran for the Dark Blade

I am very happy to announce the relaunch of my youtube channel with a new vlog, I’ve been working on videos for the last few months and am planning to keep a fairly regular schedule to give a behind the scenes look at Shards of Etheria and my painting process. be sure to give me a follow for more videos,

looking forward to showing more,

the Dark Blade part 2

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Welcome back traveler.

I have been dwelling in recent months how to best bill Shards of Etheria online and have realized while it is, in essence, an online serial or pulp, it is, in reality, a way of premiering stories to you in their early stages. the Dark Blade is a great example of this. the version you read here is essentially the final but I have been still working on edits and illustrations for the print edition, you are reading the first and in some ways raw edition of this story, and it is my hopes that to help it become its best version you will tell me what you think. please comment below, tell me if you liked it, tell me if you hate it.

in the meantime, sit back with your favorite reading device and enjoy part 2 of Knight errant, the Dark Blade,

Quinn McSherry


dark blade part 2

Mouse Hunt

This image titled Mouse hunt has become my most popular painting at conventions, and I’ve for some time wanted to put a short story to it more firmly cementing this image into the Shards of Etheria universe.
Mouse Hunt for web

The dragon is young, bearly a yearling. It had never known others of its kind, dragons are hatched in solitude and rarely ever meet their sires. There are so very few dragons in the universe, and they can travel in the space between things, the etherian pathways that connect all that is and was and could be, they have spread far across the universe using this talent. In the times of Illyria, they were hunted by scientists hoping to learn how they traveled. There was a prevailing theory that they would unlock the secrets to a new form of space travel that would render current methods obsolete. But little was ever learned, and now their number has dwindled even further.

The yearling sees a mouse, munching on a small piece of fruit. He is hungry and the mouse would sait that hunger for a time. Yet something was wrong. The mouse was eating a peeled piece of fruit, looking closer the dragon sees a small piece of cord drailing from beneath the grass, the mouse was bait.

The yearling growls alarming the small mouse into flight, it runs the fruit grasped in its tiny jaw. The dragon disappears back into the woods. His presence had been noticed, it was no longer safe here. The memories he had inherited from his line told him the anthropods that dwelled here were dangerous, and not to be trusted. It was time to leave, these hunting grounds were not safe.

The Dark Blade part 1

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Teh’Ran returns to Shards of Etheria with a crucial decision, and Daniel is faced with a new threat as Knight Errant the Dark Blade begins with part 1

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Shards of Etheria will be at Big Adventure Fest

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interested in meeting me in person? want to get your hands on some exclusive merch or buy the fully illustrated Blackend Knight novel? come to meet me at Big adventure fest Ill be in artist ally selling Shards of Etheria merchandise and prints Saturday and Sunday and I would love to meet you in person. be sure to mention you’re an online reader for exclusive discounts.

Find Golgatha

Read You Must Find Golgatha

Shards of Etheria is a reader-supported series, if you enjoy what you read here please visit our Patreon at please consider pledging for as little as $1 a month. your support is invaluable and deeply appreciate.

Find Golgatha is our first stand-alone story featuring new characters and a greater look at the greater world of Shards of Etheria. there are more stories like this coming in the future leave us a comment below if you are interested in seeing more adventures like this featured here.

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You Must Find Golgatha