What is Shards of Etheria

Shards of Etheria is a community of Fantasy and Science Fiction fans centered around the expansive Shards of Etheria universe of stories.
Started in 2018 Shards of Etheria is Free to read and available for download to your favorite device, Simply click on the Lexicon to start your adventures through the Worlds of Etheria.
Shards of Etheria is at its core a collection of stories short and long, written and  Illustrated with Original Paintings by Quinn McSherry.
​The ever-expanding universe of stories incorporates the best of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and horror into an original and unique shared universe. You will meet many protagonists that you can follow through a host of worlds, some ruled by dragons, some at the height of technology. Some characters we will follow for years to come and some will be a short acquaintance and not return.
The beauty of Shard of Etheria is that you will get to decide who we follow. As a subscriber, you will have access to polls and questions to determine what you like best and this will shape the future of the worlds we travel.
I have created this series out of my own personal love for Sci-fi and Fantasy series like Shanara, the Wheel of Time,  and cross-gen where as well as sci-fi television like Stargate, Farscape, Andromeda, and countless others I devoured in my youth. Shards of Etheria is a return to everything awesome about the nineties and noughties sci-fy and fantasy that we all loved to read and watch growing up. So pull up a comfy armchair or a hover couch and join the adventure, welcome Traveler to the worlds of Etheria I look forward to knowing you.


Shards of Etheria is funded through Patreon by readers like you a subscription at any level will help keep this series going as well as give you special access to stories and merchandise. Most importantly you will have the ability to influence the future of the Shards of Etheria universe and where our adventure takes us.


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